Indie-Publishing Consulting

So, you've written your book, now what?

Tired of submitting you book to the large publishing houses?

Tired of rejection slips?

Want to retain both your rights and creative control of your book?

If so, it's time to consider indie or self-publishing! With over 31+ years experience & 212 books to her credit, Laurie Barrows can help you navigate the indie-publishing maze. She will steer you away from scams, show you the ins & outs of the field, and possibly save you money. What ever your budget, Barrows can help find the right options for you.
Barrows works with a team of professional, trusted colleagues with over 80 years total in the field. The team offers proof reading, editing of all kinds, manuscript typing, illustration, book design, cover design, ebooks, ghost writing, and marketing assistance.


These team members are independent contractors. All communication, work, contracts, agreements and product remain confidential between you and the contractor. All contractors are US based and no work is out sourced overseas.

If Barrows can't provide what you're looking for, she can refer you some of trusted colleagues.


Aside from helping clients avoid scams & pitfalls, the team offers: Proof Reading & Editing, Manuscript Typing, Illustration, Book Design, Cover Design, E-book Design

For a FREE  phone consultation, email Barrows at [email protected] to set up an appointment.